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  • 24th June
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  • 19th June
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I NEVER SAID THAT I AM BACK FROM EUROPE HELLO EVERYONE it was definitely an adventure 8D I have to unpack because I’m also in my new apartment and half my room is still in boxes but I’ll scan my sketches from the trip soon and hopefully stop being jetlagged and work on more stuff like doll commissions and art things YEP. HI :D

  • 22nd May
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Oh yeah!

I’m going to be studying in Europe until mid-June and my internet access will be extremely limited but in a perfect world I’ll have a lot of art when I come back…. :’D BYE GUYS TAKE CARE I’LL MISS YOU!!!

  • 20th May
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Last of the assets for Banzai Arcade! :D Cancero and Alistair! I just shaded, the other parts were done by my favorite ladies! Lines by the ever fabulous X and flats done thanks to the wonderful Lex! Thank you for doing your amazing work ladies and letting me have all the fun parts. 8””D

I got to meet the dudes behind Banzai Arcade in person and got a sneak peek at the way it works and SERIOUSLY guys what I saw wasn’t even fully done and it looked amazing and the games are gonna be SO FUN. Seriously GO CHECK IT OUT It’s gonna be a blast! There’s two panels, one Saturday and one Sunday, so seriously dudes attend it YEEEEAH. BD 

  • 19th May
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How do you enjoy LCAD's animation program? I'm starting to look into colleges, and would like your input. Thanks!

Asked by: Anonymous

Hey there anon! :D I love it at LCAD, and I think the program is a great choice! The work that comes from all levels of the animation program—fundamentals students to seniors—is always impressive, and I’ve seen people improve loads just over the course of a semester, which is important! It’s worth looking at the LCAD tag here on Tumblr, I know there’s some examples of student work here and there! 

The required studio courses (keep in mind I say studio, sometimes liberal arts courses…. ehhh… just gotta do it for the degree, though I’ve enjoyed mine anyway, and you can transfer units over from a community college, saves you money in the long run!) are all meaningful and will help you grow as an artist, as long as you’re willing to keep yourself open-minded to it and take the critiques from your professors. I’ve learned a ton just in the year I’ve been there. You gotta be willing to work hard, and sometimes balancing all your classes will be a juggling act. If you manage your time well you’ll be great (and even if you don’t, if you work well under pressure and 5 Hour Energy induced insomnia like me, you should be okay… I get A’s and B’s and I’m a terrible procrastinator, but I work hard and I’m always striving to make my work better). 8D Just remember a rushed final product won’t be as good as something you put a lot of time into. It’ll show! So just keep in mind that you get out what you put in

The professors are all amazing, and they all have something different to offer. If I could afford it and still maintain sanity, I’d take all my classes more than once with a different instructor every time. That’s just unreasonable though. LOL; But everyone I’ve met/heard of is really knowledgeable and friendly; they have a lot of industry experience so it’s good to absorb knowledge from them as much as possible. 

We have a lot of industry guest speakers come in which is inspiring and educational on its own! And though there isn’t one this summer, the schools puts on an animation master class, which is taught by great industry pros (previous ones taught by Eric Goldberg and Stephen Chiodo I think?). End result is always awesome! If you look for Attack of the 50-Foot Hero you can find the final product of Eric Goldberg’s class. :D

Financially, I know LCAD was one of the cheaper art schools out there too! Good price, and you may get a merit scholarship with admission, so keep your grades up and work hard on your portfolio. 

It’s important to find the school that fits you, so if you get the opportunity, tour the school, along with your other choices. Seeing the school and the location around it might make or break a deal sometimes. If you like the ocean, LCAD is literally a few minutes driving/about a half hour walk from the beach. 

Short answer: LCAD is awesome, good classes, good instructors, nice location. Remember that any school you choose is only going to give you the tools to make yourself a good artist, it’s up to you to own it! 

Feel free to hit me up if you have other questions, though I might answer late since I’m studying abroad in Spain (through LCAD btw) until mid-June! Good luck with your college hunt! :D 

  • 19th May
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  • 15th May
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  • 13th May
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First set of some art assets I shaded for the amazing X, who did the linework (with flats by Lex!), for Banzai Arcade’s upcoming panels at Fanime! :D Needed to bust these out quickly so I approached them with the idea of making them something that felt like Persona/Atlus game style art I guess. :D;;;

Sadly I won’t be at Fanime myself, but she will be, so go to the Banzai Arcade panels, have fun playing their game cause I hear it’s always a lot of fun every year, and tell them you love their new artist because X is a great artist and she deserves more love go love her! :3

  • 9th May
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I never posted this here either 8| This is from last semester, 10 second restaurant scene. There’s a lot I could fix, but what’s done is done! Maybe I’ll clean up digitally some day.

  • 8th May
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